Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I don't really do tips for the top. The world of music moves so fast that even someone like me who listens to a great deal of new releases can't really keep up. With the Hype Machine, Soundcloud and myriad specialist blogs, there's actually more new music than there is time to listen to it.

That's why it can be particularly gratifying when you discover someone completely by chance, then later learn they're supposedly "the next big thing," which is what happened to me with Kreayshawn. Here's her new track, Gucci Gucci (NSFW due to some fruity language).

I didn't know much about Kreayshawn until this week when I read an interview with her in The Guardian. It seems she's tipped for the top, attracts her fair share of "haters" (to whom she responded by saying they were simply "jealous of her swag") and has had the obligatory naked photos leaked. It also looks as if she's stoked the ire of other rappers, particularly Rick Ross (aside: as someone who grew up in a household where late 80s AOR was played often, I find the idea of a gangsta rapper named Rick Ross consistently HILARIOUS).

I've been going through a "pop-iphany" for quite some time now, and records that are instant and disposable are extremely appealing. Gucci Gucci is brash, catchy and - as you can see above - has the most ridiculously earnest hipster in the video. It contains some genuinely funny lines too, she talks of "Barbies" who work at "Arbie's", being addressed as "your majesty" and how she's "got the swag and it's pumping out my ovaries." Yes, it seems like every other MC in 2011, Kreayshawn is preoccupied with the notion of "swag". Well, aren't we all?

There's a touch of novelty about it, and it's gathering enough attention that already it seems a follow-up will be less well received. Kreayshawn could well be a one-hit wonder and consigned to the bargain bin with the likes of Princess Superstar and J-Kwon. For now though, Kreayshawn is "young, rich and flashy," and Gucci Gucci is an addictive track that could be the start of something big.

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