Sunday, 25 July 2010

My Night in with... Tracey Thorn

from and published in the August 2010 edition of The Word magazine...

What's it called?:
Love and Its Opposite
What It Sounds Like:
The kind of grown-up pop music you wish more people would make. Everything But The Girl were often labelled "sophisti-pop" by critics - sneeringly suggesting coffee table music with little substance - but lead singer Thorn has made a fantastic album which is as unashamedly sophisticated as they come. The arrangements are careful and professional, and the lyrics capture the frustrations and difficulties of being a 40-something woman in the second decade of the 21st Century. Love and its Opposite shows Thorn can write domestic vignettes with astonishing detail and candour and is a wonderful record.
What Does It All "Mean"?:
That it's ok to be afraid of aging, divorce and the worrying speed that your children grow up. It also means Tracey Thorn is becoming a national treasure.
Goes well with...:
A quiet reflective evening when a reassuring voice would be appreciated, as well as any time you feel like being thankful for what you've got.
Might Suit People Who Like...:
Everything But the Girl (obviously), Portishead's more reflective moments, The xx, Joni Mitchell. It should also be required listening for anyone who thinks Lily Allen and Kate Nash are the queens of unabashed, honest lyricism.

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