Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My night in with... Glee

from www.wordmagazine.co.uk and published in the May 2010 edition of The Word magazine...

What's it called?:
What It Sounds Like:
Autotune and teenagers with annoying inflections, unfortunately, but to dismiss it on account of that would be a mistake. Life is hard in the strictly regimented world of American high school where you're either a football player, a cheerleader or a social outcast. Luckily, for those with a desire to perform, there's the Glee club - led by the Panglossian Mr. Schuester - where no-one will judge you. On top of the fantastically choreographed routines, there are fake pregnancies, unwanted weddings, genuine laugh out loud moments and the inimitable cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester. It has all the hallmarks of a show adored by the kind of people who use the phrase, "OMG!", without a hint of irony, but it doesn't take itself too seriously and, though not exactly demanding television, it's utterly absorbing.
What Does It All "Mean"?:
It means that it's ok to be different. It means that you should embrace your individuality. It means that sometimes there's nothing better than dressing up for a good old song-and-dance. Basically, it's the Lady Gaga of TV shows.
Goes well with...:
A cosy night in on the sofa after a hard day at work. Glass of Chilean Merlot optional.
Might Suit People Who Like...:
American high school dramas, pop music and fun.

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Claire said...

I totally agree, apart from the bit about the Merlot being optional...